Comprehensive Chinese Grammar Reference from AllSet Learning

Last Sunday, on the eve of the Lunar New Year (see how PC I was there!) AllSetLearning, the language consultancy operated by John Pasden of Sinosplice and ChinesePod fame, released the “Chinese Grammar Wiki” for public consumption.
Chinese Grammar Wiki

The website is a comprehensive guide to Chinese grammar, all organised by difficulty level, and complete with a learner’s FAQ and useful tools page. It even integrates with the most popular textbooks, so you won’t have to dig your textbook out to check a grammar point.

One thing to note is that while the site is called a Wiki, you can’t sign up immediately and begin editing and adding to it, though John tells me that people interested in getting involved will be able to. Just use the information on the contact page to find out more.

Also, the website is strictly in Simplified Chinese, which is unforunate, though here’s where New Tong Wen Tang comes in handy!

What are you waiting for? Share the word with your other Chinese learning geek friends… or use it as your secret weapon to win arguments in the pub over the use of or !

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  1. Thanks a lot! Sorry about the no traditional characters… Maybe one day we’ll be able to support them fully. In the meantime, we’ll stick with the character set we know best over here in the mainland.

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