Cool Web-Based Zhuyin (BoPoMoFo) Input Method

If you’re learning Zhuyin (BoPoMoFo) and don’t have access to a Taiwanese keyboard or Zhuyin keyboard stickers then this is the tool for you.


Using i2BoPoMoFo you can type Zhuyin directly in your browser without having to install a system-wide input method. i2BoPoMoFo uses smart input, so when you type an initial such as ã„‹, the keyboard will blank out the keys that are not finals for creating valid words, making it easier for beginners to make new words using Zhuyin. There’s also a decent character selection dictionary so you can choose your desired character from a list.

i2bopomofo Smart Input

i2bopomofo Character Suggestion

Your inputted text can be copied to the clipboard or downloaded it as a .doc file (though I found that the doc file could not be opened in Pages in OSX). In addition, using the links along the top you can search for the text on various search engines and websites.

A very slick design that mimicks an iPad keyboard this should be an extremely useful tool for people learning Zhuyin and Traditional Chinese in Taiwan.

Visit i2bopomofo.

Thanks to @russellsancto for tweeting about this tool.