Free Useful Chinese Phrase List With Audio

Here is a great resource from the Taiwanese Information for Foreigners website. Conversation Class lists various social situations such as greeting people, shopping and renting an apartment and more, and within each section are the common phrases that you’ll need to know to achieve each task.

Conversation Class

What makes this website even more valuable is the inclusion of the audio pronunciation for each phrase. The audio is crisp and clear and the phrase is spoken at normal speed – which might be a problem is you are just starting out learning Mandarin, but will will be of benefit in the long run as this is how you are likely to hear each phrase spoken in real-life situations.

Even if you’re not learning Chinese and are simply visiting Taiwan then the list can still prove useful for printing out and taking with you while you are out and about to show to locals when you need something. Although, they might be friendlier if you actually attempt to speak the language 🙂

Thanks to Twitter follower Greg (@zhongruige) for providing a link to this resource!

Do you know of any other useful resources like this to help learning Chinese or travelling in China and Taiwan?

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