Fun Chinese Lessons in Comic-Form

We’ve featured Horse Dragon Fish a few times in the past, and if you’ve read any of their comics you’ll know they have a ‘special’ sense of humour. Well, Horse Dragon Fish is now creating more lesson-type comics that explain the Chinese you’d need to use in various day-to-day situations. Kind of like a Chinese version of The Oatmeal but for learning Mandarin.

Horse Dragon Fish - Learn Chinese with these funny comics

This new series of posts currently features Topping Up Your Mobile Phone Credit in Chinese, Having a BBQ in 中文, and the usefulness of the Character 「熟」. Each one is funny, useful and worthy of being printed out and pinned up around your desk at work 🙂

The comics also features a transcript at the bottom in Traditional Chinese, Pinyin and English – hopefully they’ll be adding Simplified Chinese in the future!

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