Generate Free Chinese Handwriting Practice Paper with Hanzi Grids

It’s definitely been a week for Chinese learning resources – First we had the Chrome release of the PeraPera Pop-up Chinese dictionary, then the Chinese Grammar Wiki went live, followed by the Pleco Chinese dictionary for Android, and now we have Hanzi Grids, a free online tool to create printable Chinese practice sheets. Well, actually, Hanzi Grids was released a few days before all of these, though I only found out about it yesterday (thanks CleverClogs for correcting our oversight!).

Create Free Chinese Handwriting Paper with HanziGrids

Hanzi Grids, created by Imron, an admin on, does one thing and does it well – allows you to generate highly custom printable PDFs for Chinese handwriting practice. After registering for a free account, you’ll be presented with the screen below:

Hanzi Grids Controls

The website is extremely intuitive and makes use of slider controls to finely tune to the paper to your needs. The grid, text and guides can all be adjusted – there are too many controls to list out here, but trust me you can adjust every aspect of your paper.

Hanzi Grids also supports both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters (as seen in the above image), and lets you adjust the orientation of the characters and paper itself. The website also caters to both North American and international audiences by offering both A4 and US Letter paper sizes. After you’ve finished adjusting the settings just hit the Generate PDF button to download your file. The result is a highly customised set of practice paper to suit even the fussiest of students, or teachers.

Visit Hanzi Grids to get started making your own Chinese practice paper. You can also follow @HanziGrids on Twitter, or join in with the conversation about Hanzi Grids on

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