Online Chinese Character Decomposition Tool

If you’re involved at all in the online Chinese learning community then you will have no doubt heard of Confused Laowai (also known as Niel de la Rouviere), and if not by name then you’ve certainly used one of his websites, Social Mandarin, before!

Hanzi JS - Online Chinese Character Decomposition Tool

Well, he’s just released a beta of his latest website, known as Hanzi JS – so called, I’m guessing, because it uses the Node JavaScript framework. Hanzi JS is a Chinese character decomposition utility – which means it breaks down the character into it’s constituent parts.

As Confused Laowai explains in his blog post about the release of this tool “It is still very early in its development cycle. So it has a few limitations”, though this is very exiting nonetheless.

What are you waiting for – get over to HanziJS to try out the tool, and follow Confused Laowai on Twitter and on his blog for updates to the project.