Rebooting America in Chinese

If you’ve already read  Rebooting America, then you’ll know it’s a collection of thought provoking essays written by many forward thinking writers. If you haven’t read it then you’re in luck, as it’s licenced under creative commons you can download it for free. Though where’s the relation to Chinese? This is Chinese Hacks after all.

Rebooting America in Chinese

Well, a group of writers on the website 網路星期二 (Net Tuesday) have taken it upon themselves to translate the book, and now almost all of the essays are available in Chinese. There’s no denying that you’ll need to be at least intermediate level to be able to enjoy this resource, but with both English and Chinese versions now available you’ll be able to compare and contrast each version. And if you see a word from the English version that you want to learn in Chinese, you can refer to the translation.

This really is a great resource and while for the meantime we’ll simply point you in the direction of where to find it, in the future we will undoubtedly have some Chinese Hacks articles that analyse the language and usage!

The Chinese version is currently only available in Traditional Chinese, so if you’re a learner of Simplified Chinese then make sure you use the Tong Wen Tang plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Safari (in addition to a Bookmarklet) to convert the articles into Simplified Chinese while you read online. (more resources for reading Chinese online)

Know of any more great resources like this? Let us know!

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  1. Rebooting America, by 38 white people, 1 hispanic, and 1 asian, sounds like the diverse group you would expect from a book about rebooting one of the more diverse nations of the world that is written by 40 contributors.

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