Make your own Word-Card Keyring DIY

Stationary shops are everywhere in Taiwan, and you can get all kinds of notebooks and study resources in them, including these mini word card key rings.

Word card keyrings in a Taiwan stationary shop

The key rings come in all different colours and sizes, some of them have ruled paper, while others are blank or have colour coding on the edge of the paper.

While they are really common in Taiwan and other Asian countries, as far as I know they aren’t as readily available in other countries – so I decided to see if I could make one myself. I bought one of the key rings from a local stationary shop for a close inspection and apart from a protective cover they’re just a key ring and some paper, so should be easy to reproduce:

Word card keyring

Word card keyring - inside

To make the cards I used an old key ring I had laying around, a pack of index cards, and a pair of scissors. You’ll also need a either a clip or elastic band to keep the cards together:

What you'll need

First I cut a piece out of one index card to the size I wanted, to use as a guide for the rest of the cards. I did this by eye, though to minimise paper wastage you might want to accurately measure the paper. If I had a hole punch I could have most likely got 3 word cards from one index card by punching a third hole in the middle.

Cut a guide

I then held the guide I had made over a stack of 6 or 7 index cards and cut through them all at once. You might be able to cut through more than this, though the index cards I had were quite thick.

Use the guide to cut more cards

After cutting each set of index cards I slid them into the keyring. I found that the stop the cards from being damaged as they were slid on I had to stretch the keyring out a bit first. Keep cutting and adding cards until you have enough.

Slide the cards onto the keyring

Then all I did was add a clip to keep all of the cards together. If you used an elastic band instead you could probably also keep a small pencil with the cards, to save separately carrying one.

Add a clip to keep the cards together

Now you have your own word card keyring you can make your own portable flash cards, note interesting words you see, make random notes or write phone numbers, or even use them in lieu of business cards.

Do you have any ideas for similar hacks to make language learning or study easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I used the cards that are readily available in Europe, and applied a punch and treasury tags to the same end. The slight advantage is that there’s no clumsy big ring in your pocket. The slight disadvantages are that how many holes you can punch at a time depends on the size of the punch (due to the leverage) and your strength, and that you usually end up with a slight misalignment between each punch.

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