There’s no excuse for not reading more Chinese!

There really isn’t an excuse… try one. Give one reason why you can’t read more Chinese today and improve your Chinese reading and comprehension ability. There really isn’t a reasonable excuse, unless of course your house has burnt down, and then I’m sorry! Now go to the library and read more Chinese!

Reading More Chinese

Seriously, the reason that there aren’t any excuses is that the internet exists. We’re sitting here at out computers all day long and typing away in English, or whatever your mother tongue is. While at the same time reading Facebook, checking the news in Google and Yahoo, or killing pigs with angry birds. When you could be using the time to browse to some Chinese websites and practice some Chinese.

The internet really removes any boundaries that the previous generation had. Your mum and dad could quite easily pass of an excuse for not reading Chinese, but us… not so easy. So I’ve said it’s that easy, “prove it” I hear you say…. ok.

Install the tools – It’s easy, really!

The first thing you need to do is install some addons into your web browser, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Firefox or Chrome, check our article about reading Chinese online for a roundup of great browser-based utilities. If you’re using IE, you know where the door is – joking! Come back! IE is great, but there doesn’t seem to be the great ecosystem of addons that Chrome and Firefox are enjoying (if we’re wrong let us know), so you might want to consider using either of those browsers even if it’s just for when you’re reading Chinese online.

Where’s the Chinese?

So now you have the required addons, where should you go? Well you can use these great utilities to browse the Chinese articles here on ChineseHacks, then when you’re bored with that – I know, how could that ever happen! Well, if by chance it does, there are other websites you can go to.

Most Taiwanese, for instance, have set as their homepage. Portals are still big over here for some reason. Google’s homepage doesn’t cut it, there aren’t enough ads or text. Yahoo has a great news section, as does the BBC Chinese website, with both Traditional and Simplified versions. Then there’s Taiwan’s crazy Apple Daily, I’m sure you’ve seen their famous animations of news stories. For news from the mainland you might try, or But you don’t have to limit yourself to general news, I like tech news so I usually check the tech sites like Business Next, 36氪, or TechBang among others.

Anyway, the point here is not to provide you with an exaustive list of every Chinese website –  it’s just to show you that, whatever topic you are interested in, there is a website for it, regardless of what language you speak – so there really isn’t a reason for not reading more Chinese. Go forth, and read Chinese!

What Chinese language websites do you check regularly? Share them with us below in the comments.

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    1. You are right, PeraPeraKun is probably the best Firefox plugin for learning Chinese. Have you tried the Tong Wen Tang plugin for converting Simplified to Traditional and vice-versa?

  1. I’m working on a tool for my website 3000Hanzi to really help learners read Chinese. It’s a combination of Readability and annotation tools that let you read and store most Chinese news articles.

    Should be another month or so before it’s out.

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