Honey Stars and Lunar Phases

I picked up these Honey Stars in a Taiwanese Carrefour the other day. I miss the selection of cereal from back home so whenever I see a new cereal on the shelf here I always check it out. I say ‘cereal’, but these are more like sugar-coated biscuits and can’t be the healthiest of things.

Anyway, it wasn’t until I go home that I noticed that the back of the pack had some interesting Chinese vocabulary about the phases of the moon. The words didn’t include the phonetics (surprising since these are obviously aimed at children) so I looked up the words.

Firstly, here’s how to say ‘phases of the moon’:

月相 (Yuè xiàng)lunar phases/phases of the moon

Moon in Chinese is 月亮(yuèliàng)and in the terms below it is referred to as just 月.

新月 (Xīn yuè) New moon

娥眉月 (Éméi yuè)Waxing crescent moon

上弦月(上弦月 Shàngxián yuè) First quarter moon

盈凸月 (Yíng tú yuè)Waxing gibbous moon

滿月(满月 Mǎnyuè)Full moon

虧凸月(亏凸月 Kuī tú yuè)Waning gibbous moon

下弦月 (Xiàxián yuè)Last quarter moon

殘月 (Cányuè)Waning crescent moon

It was interesting looking these terms up as I didn’t know all of the them in English to begin with.

Here’s the complete back of the cereal packet (click for large version) in case you want to try the maze :-p

Lunar Phases