OMG WTF Baby! Phonetic Chinese Loanwords

There are many Chinese words that are phonetic translations, or loanwords, of English equivalents, here I’ve picked out a few slang sayings that seem to be popular of late in Chinese culture.

The first two show examples from the Taiwan Chinese dub of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, know as 大鼻與酷蒂. If you’re in Taiwan then this cartoon is a great place to pick up new words and slang, and the quality of the dub is excellent.


Pinyin: ōu mài gà
English: Oh, My God; OMG

酷蒂(kù dì) is forever saying 歐麥尬 in reaction to the lameness of the people around her:

Oh, My God


Pinyin: běi bí
English: baby

Here another character admires their magic broomstick, calling it their ‘baby’ 北鼻(běi bí).



Pinyin: wā dá fú
English: What the f*ck, WTF

The last example is from the Chinese subtitles of the “Cat Mario” youtube videos, thanks to Chris for sending this in.


If you can’t see the Youtube video above then watch on Youku.

As with most phoetic translations there will be multiple ways to pronounce the words/phrases, in the video above, for example, both 哇達弗 and 花德法 are used.

If you know of any more similar phonetic loanwords then post them below in the comments!

4 responses to “OMG WTF Baby! Phonetic Chinese Loanwords

    1. Hi Dillon,

      Well, they are phonetic versions of the English sayings, so they aren’t really words or phrases in their own right, but are used to represent the English sayings using Chinese characters. The actual characters used may vary, and they are 流行字 too, so not everyone would know or use them – here the examples I gave are cartoons and ‘kuso’ youtube videos.


    2. A lot of slang that originates in Taiwan is picked up by young people in China. I’m not sure about 哇达弗, but 欧麦尬 is understood or used by younger people in China.

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