To sneak food, or have an affair?

A tasty double-entendre

To sneak some food, or to have an affair? Well, it depends how you use this double-entendre.


tōu chī
to sneak food; to have an affair/be unfaithful

I was just getting my hair cut when I overheard one of the stylists talking about someone who was cheating and kept using the term 偷吃 (tōu chī). In the context it’s easy to guess the meaning, but I asked her just to make sure.

Here’s a few easy sentences that use this phrase:

Tā hěn shāngxīn yīnwèi fāxiàn nán péngyǒu zài tōu chī
She’s upset because she found out her boyfriend was cheating

Wǒ huáiyí tā zài tōu chī
I suspect she is having an affair