CTI VIDEC Famiclone

It was the PC-Engine-style controller is what attracted me to this Famiclone, but I’ve also never seen this model before. Branded as the VIDEC by CTI, this hardware Famiclone contains chips by Taiwan’s UMC and South Korea’s GoldStar. I’ve not even had a chance to test this yet, but here are some photos of it. … Continued

The Story of Taiwan’s Bit Corp

Forgotten Legends of the Games Console Industry The Story of Taiwan’s Bit Corp. Retro Game Time: Issue #2 Sept/Oct 2017 Original author 神楽坂雯麗 Translated by Dave Flynn Header photo by Dave Flynn What comes to mind when you think of “Taiwan’s first video games console”? Maybe one of the countless Atari 2600 or Nintendo Famicom … Continued

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Taiwan VHS Scan

I’m not just looking for games at the flea market, but anything that I have nostalgia for – especially if there’s a Taiwanese version of it. A Taiwanese VHS of Ninja Turtles fits that profile perfectly. Here’s a scan of the cover and cassette tape. As you can see on the spine it says “國語配音” … Continued

Cosmic Fighter Gamate Instruction Booklet Scan

The instruction manual for Cosmic Fighter (C1-032), a shooter released for Bit Corporation’s Gamate handheld gaming system in 1990. The Taiwanese name for the game is 惡魔大戰 “Demon War” which has completely different connotations than the English language name. Bit Corporation is a Taiwanese company and so the language of the manual is Traditional Chinese. … Continued

Sega Saturn Infrared Controller HSS-0116

I finally got around to testing out a Sega Saturn HSS-0116 infrared controller that I got a the flea market a few years (yes, years) ago. I’ve not been in a rush to test it because infrared controllers are notoriously bad, but I’m downsizing my collection and wanted to see if it was saleable. The … Continued

Honest XE-7 Joystick for SFC and MD

The XE-7 SFC.MD is a joystick manufactured by Honest, a Taiwanese company known for their various gaming accessories. The joystick if for use with both the Super Famicom (SFC/SNES) and the Mega Drive (MD/Genesis), and the color scheme follows closely with the Super Famicom colors. The joystick is seemingly modeled after Dempa’s XE-1 ST joystick. … Continued

Taiwan Region Nintendo 64 Controller (Yellow)

The Taiwanese N64 controller is identical to the Japanese controller. However, the box was localized for the Taiwanese region and features Traditional Chinese translations of all text. The term 操作器 was used for ‘controller’ which translates as ‘operating/manipulating device’. Nowadays 搖桿 ‘joystick’ is more common, or 手把 which actually means ‘handle’ but has come to … Continued

Mario and Peach Unlicensed Taiwanese Paper Dolls

There’s so much awesomeness on this card I don’t know where to begin. You get both Mario and Peach paper dolls (known as 紙娃娃 in Taiwan) to dress up with in different outfits. Mario has his standard outfit, but the colors are reversed. He also has a prince and clown outfit. Princess Peach has three … Continued

Taiwanese Super Mario Bros. Audio Cassette

During the 80s Taiwanese recording company Xinxing Records 『新興唱片有限公司』released the ‘Japanese Cartoon’ 『日本卡通』 series of cassette tapes. The series spanned hundreds of cassettes – I’m not sure of the exact number, but at least 300 hundred are pictured in this blog post. As the name suggests, these cassettes contained music from Japanese cartoons and anime … Continued

Official Sega Taiwanese Import Warranty Certificate

Video games and consoles sold in Taiwan during the 80s and 90s were often just imported Japanese versions, sometimes with the addition of an instruction sheet in Traditional Chinese. For officially imported video games, the importer would also usually add a sticker and include a warranty certificate to show that the item was official, and … Continued